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7 Activities To Do After Sex To Help Keep Your Vagina Happy

7 Activities To Do After Sex To Help Keep Your Vagina Happy

There’s more to it than simply peeing.

You adore intercourse. your vagina? Less. UTIs, genital discomfort, the works.

The news that is good there are many pretty easy things you can do after sex to help keep your vagina as well as your libido similarly delighted.

Decide to try many of these after the next O.

1. Pee after intercourse if you’re prone to UTIs

No matter if nature does not call after intercourse, ladies who experience regular UTIs should utilize the restroom, advises Alyssa Dweck, M.D., an ob-gyn from Westchester, N.Y., and writer of the a that is complete Z for Your V. “once you have sexual intercourse, germs through the rectum—which is in extremely close proximity towards the urethra while the vagina—can get near the urethra and may cause disease, particularly in ladies who are susceptible to UTIs,“ claims Dweck. „The urine washes out of the germs being mechanically present at the conclusion regarding the urethra.“

2. Pop a cranberry health health supplement

Here’s a different one for ladies whom have a tendency to drop with a UTI after each intercourse sesh. (Therefore. Annoying.) an once-a-day cranberry focus, by means of a cranberry product or perhaps a gummy available within the countertop, can help prevent UTIs, claims Dweck. But she warns against downing sugary cranberry cocktail juices.

3. Rub down

If lube, saliva, you identify it, has you experiencing less-than-fresh down here after sex, consider performing a quickie wipe down. „Lube and germs through the hands, lips, and rectum can boost your possibility of having a yeast or bacterial infection,“ claims Sherry Ross, M.D., ob-gyn and ladies‘ wellness specialist in Santa Monica, Ca.

She suggests making use of a soap that is non-fragrant your sweetheart components after intercourse. Just take a hot washcloth and carefully dab your vagina with detergent and water (or simply tepid to warm water), moving from front side to straight straight right back. Skip your interiors, though: The vagina features its own interior clean period that keeps it neat and balanced, she adds. No douches allowed in other words.

4. Soak when you look at the bath tub

Feel just like the pampered sex queen you’re by dealing with yourself to a fantastic, post-sex soak. Professional tip: start thinking about incorporating additional virgin coconut oil towards the hot shower to simply help hydrate your skin of this external vagina and sooth any vaginal inflammation or irritation that develops after doing the deed, claims Ross. Whilst it’s maybe perhaps not really a hygiene must, this pleasant ritual may assist lower your danger of disease, she states.

But don’t exaggerate regarding the shower oils, flowery bubble potions, and scented balms, says Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., medical teacher within the division of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine. A lot of could be irritating to your vagina. Minkin claims she constantly see an uptick in discomfort associated with shower services and products following the yuletide season when clients are utilising gift suggestions they received.

5. Get commando

When you’re therefore fresh and thus clean, reduce the chances of UTIs and other infections by using cotton underwear and loose-fitting PJs to keep your privates dry—or better yet, get commando for maximum atmosphere blood supply. At the least, avoid nylon underwear and tight-fitting sleepwear, which could Ukrainian brides trap dampness which help germs grow, according to your nationwide Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

6. Sip some water

In the event that you simply got super sweaty in bed (obtain it, girl) you might want to think about sipping some H2O, states Nicole Scott, M.D., ob-gyn at Indiana University wellness. Because BTW, dehydration affects your whole body—including your vagina. (experiencing like sandpaper down there may place a damper on circular two.) Plus, staying hydrated will help flush pesky UTI-causing germs from your bladder.

7. Eat probiotic-rich foods

Post-sex treats would be the best, so reach for a thing that could keep you vagina delighted as long as you’re at it. „Yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, along with other foods that are fermented the exact same good bacteria which can be based in the vagina,“ states Kelly Kasper, M.D., ob-gyn at Indiana University wellness. Engaging in the practice of snacking on these food types after intercourse will help replenish your body’s good germs, assisting to reduce your chance of a yeast-based infection.

In the end, that you don’t desire such a thing keeping you straight back from your own next hot romp.