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Third-year Phillips Academy Andover high school university student and author of ‚The Boarding School Survival Guide‘ (Peterson’s 2014) Justin Muchnick is researching submissions to help award not one but two $1, 000 boarding classes scholarships available to future or current boarding classes students. ‚The Boarding The school Survival Guide‘ written by learners for students involves chapters authored by current or possibly recently managed to graduate boarding college students from over 25 boarding colleges across the Country. The book has been perfectly received through student along with parent audience who are keen on learning revolutionary about the boarding school entire world from anyone who has lived this.

Muchnick features learned through experience that will attending boarding school it isn’t just a privilege, but also a monetary burden with many families with young children seeking some sort of residential tutorial high school. Muchnick says, ‚Not only can be boarding class tuition such as attending a non-public college, however , factor in go expenses, places, car rentals, training books, and so on, and in many cases with school loans and scholarships or school funding, the project can cost considerably. I wanted to consider my assist in some way, therefore i am awarding two $1, 000 college scholarships to pay them forward. ‚ Full information on the scholarship money can be found here under the ‚Scholarship‘ tab.

Scholarship Contest, sweepstakes Submission Guidelines

Prompt : Please publish an essay of about five-hundred words providing your thoughts in why you want to attend boarding school (your reasons, requirements, discoveries, and so on ). Furthermore, please deal with why the scholarship are going to be helpful to you in your boarding school technique and voyage or the reason you feel that you may be a worthwhile recipient. Feel free to talk about personal testimonies, too.

Please email your own personal submission together with the subject really going ‚Scholarship‘ in order to Justin Muchnick at: boardingschoolsurvival@gmail. com

Deadline: May 30, 2015 . Players will be reported and contacted during the summer time of 2015 to receive your scholarship prize. The fund will be paid out directly to your personal boarding school (or long run essay pro reviews boarding school) to be reserved to defray the cost of school. All marketing become the building of Justin Muchnick, together with any part of your submitting may be publicized in the future in the book through Justin Muchnick or completed media wall plug when saying the prize winners.


Recently a fresh book premiered by the New york city Times op-ed columnist Flip Bruni: In which Go Simply Who You’ll: An Antidote to the Faculty Admissions Extravagancia . As you can imagine, it’s extremely the questionable topic, specifically among Flowers League organisations, current trainees and alumni.

Of course , As i (and countless other school counselors) are saying this for years: Could it Matter To Go To Higher education? Mr. Bruni just indicated down on pieces of paper and in a good best-selling ebook. Parents and even students are actually resonating to the message. Exactly why? Students and oldsters are filled through stress, panic, and frustration over the college or university prep technique test cooking, essays, school choice, financing decisions and more. We are fed up of our trainees putting all of their future targets of success on a faculty name or perhaps reputation.

Study some of the critical reviews of the e book:

‚For students, mothers and fathers, teachers, and everyone else struggling during the university or college admissions progression, Frank Bruni offers an exceptional resource. In which Go Will not be Who You’ll is a thought-provoking look at the system works-and a fresh, comforting reminder regarding what genuinely matters inside the college encounter. ‚
-Gretchen Rubin, best-selling author regarding The Contentment Project as well as Happier in the home

‚The guess that data can be mentioned, that success may be predicted, and that the combination of the 2 main creates bliss is deservingly exploded in this particular sharply observed and significantly felt reserve. In deconstructing the college entrée process, Open Bruni presents the folly by which enfranchised people measure their own life. He gabs with a express of important sanity. ‚
-Andrew Solomon, National E-book Award-winning journalist of Not the Tree: Parents, Children and the Hunt for Identity

‚Frank Bruni provides the perfect program correction for kids and parents just who get taken into the university or college admissions mania. I should find out. I was one of them. ‚
-Katie Couric

‚Frank Bruni has a quick message for your freaked-out kids of North america. Calm down. In which go to faculty matters miles away, far less than what you do after you get there (and afterward). This individual urges young families to look further than the usual suspects and find a college that’s going to offer something a great deal more useful when compared to a window label. His sharp, well-researched ebook should be necessary reading in every case caught up inside the college-admissions match. ‚
-William Deresiewicz, best-selling author regarding E xcellent Lambs: The Miseducation of the U . s citizens Elite and even The Way to a good Meaningful Everyday living

‚For the entire family caught up on college-application chaos, this reserve provides a obligatory tonic. Through out us, it’s an inspiring call for a wiser, saner approach to National higher education. ‚
-Paul Tough, bestselling article author of Exactly how Children Good results: Grit, Fascination, and the Undetectable Power of Nature

‚Your worth is not decided by the university or college you went to. Or, to put it differently, ‚Where You is Not Who all You’ll Be. ‚ Alleluia. Which is exact concept every college student and mommy must heed as they find the way the stressful college entrée process. Now i’m doing it for your fourth some this excellent writer’s new ebook could not have fallen at a more beneficial time for my family. As Frank Bruni superbly demonstrates, your own worth is normally the worth and it’s yours to create wherever you. ‚
-Maria Shriver

Read this line from Open Bruni’s guests post on The College Solution:

… What we desperately need to do in this particular country is change the concentrate of the the discussion coming from where you look at college to help how you work with college . In what information do you need to mature? In what tactics does your figure of personal reference need widening? If kids were trained to worry about this, and not concerning the college brand splashed across the sweatshirts these kinds of are wearing, they might be better as it. All of us would certainly.

Undertake yourself (and your teens) a prefer focus on the training, the experience, as well as the joy of your college research. Years in the, it really will not matter exactly where they bought their graduation.